THANKs-ah I spent some time with the fabulous Vundabar fellas, on “tour” and loved all the moments.  Thanks to them for taking me on the journey.  Met some more splendid people along the way, ran into some “old” pals and had a quite the experience at SXSW this year.  Hoping to keep chuggin’, so if […]

Hey, Hi, it’s spring break now, and I’m hoping that everyone has a wonderful week and weekend.  I miss the friends in these photos, and hope you enjoy them because I think they turned out well.  A lot can happen when you use film that isn’t expired. It was Tim’s 21st. It was my grammas […]

I’ve been following these fools around since we were born (2016) and am happy to share my favorite photos of them on 35mm film. Ric Wilson also makes an appearance on here as well, with the wonderful Kamaria Woods, during her first performance ever!!! My best pal, Smule Veren is in a lot of these too because he is number 1 bugle boy. Photos are mostly in Chicago.